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Waterino is an Importer and Supplier of Water Pumps, Hydro Pneumatic Tanks, Water Treatment Plant, Hydro Pneumatic Water Supply System and many more. We at Waterino are in engineering of the most vital element of life “WATER”.

WATER the vital role of our life line is a limited natural resource available in different forms. Pure water is elixir, its benefit are limitless. Drinking water, bath and swimming play a big role in healthy living.

One can survive days, weeks or months without food, but it’s very improbable that one can survive even for few days without water. An average adult body is 55-75% water, and water is an indispensible element of human body.

  • Body Parts : Water element 
  • Kidney  : 83% 
  • Brain : 75% 
  • Lungs : 86% 
  • Bones : 40%
  • Muscles : 75%
  • Blood : 92%
  • Heart : 75%
  • Liver : 86%


Apart from aiding in digestion and absorption of food, water regulates body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells and removes toxins and other wastes. Body water also cushions joints and protects tissues and organs, including the spinal cord from shock and damage. Biological process like circulation, digestion, absorption and execration depends on water. Water forms foundation of blood and lymph, maintains hearty muscles and young looking skin. In fact the conclusion is human being need lots of fresh and safe water to stay healthy.


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