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Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant basically pertains to collective industrial-scale processes which makes water acceptable for an end user. We are well known Importer and Supplier of Water Treatment Plant from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We offer our customers with RO Water Treatment Plant and Water Softening Plant as well. The purpose behind Water Treatment was to make the water available fit for drinking, medicinal use or industrial use. Water Treatment Plant is quite opposite to the traditional small scale water sterilization which was practiced by a large group of primitive people and campers. Water Treatment Plant is based on the main principle of removing contaminants from existing water supply or reducing their concentration so that the water can be put to desired use.

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RO Water Treatment Plant

Now days in terms of drinking, the availability of surface water is low while the ground water which is available is highly contaminated. It has numerous dissolved solid components which are extremely harmful for human body. In such a case the process which can be put to the best use in terms of water purification is Reverse osmosis. Reverse


Water Softening Plant

The presence of certain metal ions like Calcium and Magnesium in water cause a variety of problems. The ions interfere with the action of soaps and also lead to building up of limescale which in turn results in foul plumbing, galvanic corrosion and failure in hot water system. We are renowned Importer and Supplier of Water Softening